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My Sanctuary. Let me show you it: Le Rivage Hotel and Spa.

Address: 4800 Riverside Blvd  Sacramento, CA 95822

Price: ***

Le Rivage Hotel is located right along the banks of the Sacramento River. A lot of the rooms provide a lovely view from Sunrise to Sunset, as well as large sliding doors to a balcony for you to go outside and enjoy the breeze the river offers.


While the rooms have the standard amenities such as an ipod docking station, large TV, bathrobes, feather down pillows and comforters, they offered a small empty fridge so you can take leftovers or your own groceries and they won’t spoil.


Their bathroom was the original reason I came to Le Rivage. Each bathroom was lavished with marble and equipped with a Separate Deep-soaking Claw-Footed Tub and a Glass Walled Rain Shower.


Le Rivage also had a spa on their 1st floor that presented a Salt Water Jacuzzi, Meditation Room and menus with all sorts of special goodies. I saved up some money and got a Hot Stone Massage. I nearly fell asleep on the table.


 I went to visit all on my own one weekend and I wasn’t disappointed. The staff was friendly [like…actually friendly. Not that fake sugarcoated stuff ] and accommodating, the view was breathtaking and I was actually able to relax. I didn’t feel cramped or out of place. I felt at peace with myself, the room and the energy around me, especially while watching the river. It made me feel as if all the troubles that I felt were being washed away by the current.